“The service has improved moral and the financial perspective of our board. We have seen a significant decrease in our delinquency after just 5 months of reporting. Partnering with Sperlonga was the right decision.” CJ Tate - The Owners at Lakeview HOA
“We saw a 15-18% increase in on-time payments immediately following notice to our homeowners and an average of 32% improvement in A/R balances for HOA Boards who’ve signed on.” Shandron Pemberton -
President and CEO of PO Solutions, Inc
“This type of credit reporting is long overdue and should be welcomed by community associations throughout Florida and the rest of the United States.” Jeff Rembaum - Esq. of Kaye, Bender, Rembaum Attorneys at Law - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
“At the request of our clients, our firm has been looking for a credit reporting solution for some time. Sperlonga’s solution serves our needs perfectly.” Mike Crew - President & Owner, Homeowner Management Services - Atlanta, Georgia
“Our goal is to offer the most innovative solutions to our associations. We continue to look for ways to provide unrivaled innovation, unmatched service, and useful solutions to the association’s we manage. This is the next evolution in Association Management, and are thrilled to be a part of it” Ricky Zilem - Managing Partner, PS Property Management Company - Austin, Texas
“Reporting assessment payments will transform HOA Management.” Julie Stephens - President/CEO & Broker, Exclusive Association Management, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia