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Software Partners

Sperlonga is currently integrated with several major software platforms with more coming online soon. Our system's flexibility allows us to integrate with any other platforms easily and quickly.

Report Based Integrations

Report Based Integrations

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Adam Clark, Operations Manager, Excel Association Management
What were you doing before Sperlonga?

– Before engaging with Sperlonga, going through our AR reports each month to get accounts paid current was a very manual process. It was a big time suck for our community managers.

What are you seeing now after engaging with Sperlonga?

– After we started working with Sperlonga, it automated that whole AR process, and took a lot of that time consumption out of our managers monthly routines. The results were amazing. Over the first eight months, we’ve been able to recover $265,000!

Robert Phillips, President, GNO Property Management
What were you doing before Sperlonga?

– We were following the same kind of archaic ritual for collections that everybody was. We would send demand letters, we would follow up with the lien, and get a judgment.

What are you seeing now after engaging with Sperlonga?

– It really has streamlined our efforts, and our attorneys efforts. After 3 years, delinquent accounts are down 68% and we have recovered $288,000 for the associations. I would highly recommend using Sperlonga’s credit reporting.

Case Studies: Benefits and Results

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Georgia Management Company Results
Hawaii Management Company Results
North Carolina Management Company Results

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