Hey, Mr. Wonderful here and I want to talk about credit scores. Why? Because if you have a bad credit score it’s really expensive. People with bad credit scores have a hard time borrowing money, cause lenders don’t want to take the risk and they charge really high interest rates. So one of the best things you can do is drive up your credit score so you drive down your interest expense. It’s kind of crazy that anyone pays a bill and doesn't get credit for it. So, what I say is pay your bill, report it and lower your interest expense. Well how do you do this? You have your property management company get with Sperlonga. It's a great idea, that’s why I’m doing this shout out for Matt Martin. He’s driving this whole process. Sperlonga helps you reduce your interest expense by making you have a higher credit score. A very good idea. In today's world you want to be the best you can be, particularly when it comes to credit score. Sperlonga can help. Sperlonga Data & Analytics | Partners

 Software Partners 

Sperlonga Data & Analytics has active integrations with the following software management platforms, with new integrations for additional community management software platforms in our development pipeline. 

Caliber Software offers accounting and property management software as well as hosted/cloud services, product implementation and  plat mapping services with the goal to provide innovative technology and advanced services to their property management clients.

CINC Systems offers association management,  integrated banking and cloud accounting for property management companies with the aim to provide a powerful and seamless 'all-in-one' software platform for the community association industry. 

Condo Manager offers accounting management, building register and communication software for condominium corporations, strata properties and homeowner associations with the goal to provide effective and practical tools for their property manager clients.

Jenark property management software offers solutions for homeowner association management operations, communications, accounting and board reporting to enable fast, easy and more productive property management.

Rent Manager offers an integrated software solution for property management companies including enterprise accounting, VolP Phone integration, online portal tools, mobile applications, open API and electronic payments for efficient community management.

SiteLink Software offers cloud-based self-storage management software with tools such as web reports, online payments, reservations & rentals, enterprise level controls, web design & online marketing, document eSign and merchant services.

TOPS Software provides one centralized management system for the community association ecosystem of board members, homeowners, partners and property management teams to simplify management of any common interest community.

Vantaca's fully mobile association management software offers comprehensive communication & task management, integrated banking, and customized workflows & reports to empower property managers with innovative technology and analytics.

Village Management Software offers a suite of property management tools on a single platform to handle accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control as well as provide web hosting, e-banking, task scheduling and vendor integrations.

Yardi Systems offers property management software for global real estate clients with two platforms: Yardi Breeze, for small to mid-sized businesses, and Yardi Voyager, with advanced integration tools for commercial property management companies.

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eUnify is a leading cloud-based solution in high-end property management software, offering cost effective interactive web portals and mobile property management software to associations and management companies.

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