Hey, Mr. Wonderful here and I want to talk about credit scores. Why? Because if you have a bad credit score it’s really expensive. People with bad credit scores have a hard time borrowing money, cause lenders don’t want to take the risk and they charge really high interest rates. So one of the best things you can do is drive up your credit score so you drive down your interest expense. It’s kind of crazy that anyone pays a bill and doesn't get credit for it. So, what I say is pay your bill, report it and lower your interest expense. Well how do you do this? You have your property management company get with Sperlonga. It's a great idea, that’s why I’m doing this shout out for Matt Martin. He’s driving this whole process. Sperlonga helps you reduce your interest expense by making you have a higher credit score. A very good idea. In today's world you want to be the best you can be, particularly when it comes to credit score. Sperlonga can help. Sperlonga Data & Analytics | Multi-Family Reporting


Reduce Delinquencies  ::  Improve Cash Flow

“This type of credit reporting is long overdue and should be welcomed by community associations throughout Florida and the rest of the United States.”

Jeff Rembaum - Esquire

Kaye, Bender, Rembaum, Attorneys at Law


For Management Companies, Apartment Communities, and Landlords, delinquencies can be a major nuisance.  Tenants who do not pay their monthly rent on time start an endless collection cycle that begins again every thirty days for the unit.  This leads to expensive legal fees and countless hours spent chasing money in a very inefficient manner.


Through Sperlonga’s partnership with Equifax, the largest of the three credit reporting agencies, our technology provides management companies the ability to attach the monthly rent payment to a renter's Credit Score.

By providing an immediate reporting mechanism when payments are due, renters have an incentive to make their payments on time.  Timely rent payments will positively impact an individual’s Credit Score and conversely, late rent payments will negatively impact an individual’s Credit Score.



  • Reduce delinquencies

  • Increase portfolio value

  • Less expensive process


  • Higher credit scores

  • Build credit faster

  • Lower your interest rates


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