Hey, Mr. Wonderful here and I want to talk about credit scores. Why? Because if you have a bad credit score it’s really expensive. People with bad credit scores have a hard time borrowing money, cause lenders don’t want to take the risk and they charge really high interest rates. So one of the best things you can do is drive up your credit score so you drive down your interest expense. It’s kind of crazy that anyone pays a bill and doesn't get credit for it. So, what I say is pay your bill, report it and lower your interest expense. Well how do you do this? You have your property management company get with Sperlonga. It's a great idea, that’s why I’m doing this shout out for Matt Martin. He’s driving this whole process. Sperlonga helps you reduce your interest expense by making you have a higher credit score. A very good idea. In today's world you want to be the best you can be, particularly when it comes to credit score. Sperlonga can help. LEGAL | Sperlonga Data


by Grant Jackson, Vice President

We wanted to share this very important industry research and legal opinion paper from Oscar Marquis, the Principal of the law firm, Oscar Marquis & Associates. Mr. Marquis is an expert in privacy and consumer reporting. He was formerly the General Counsel for TransUnion for 25yrs. He also served on the Federal Reserve Board's Consumer Advisory Council. This paper details the immunity from consumer lawsuits that data furnishers have under the FCRA and shows there is no liability in reporting HOA/COA assessments to the credit reporting agencies, except in cases of fraud.

The United States Congress has made association assessment credit reporting available to communities nationwide. With 35% reductions to delinquent balances annually this is now proving to be the gold standard in financial management for the community association industry as it has been for decades in the mortgage, credit card, and auto loan industries.

Our service reports both on-time and late payment histories for assessments, and late fees for all homeowners within your association to the credit bureaus. On-time payments will be rewarded with positive points on an owner’s credit score which in turn lowers their mortgage, credit card, and auto loan rates. Payments made more than 30 days late will have a negative impact. If the cost of the reporting cannot be recovered from a delinquent owner due to foreclosure or bankruptcy, those charges will be credited back to the association.

Reporting assessment payment history to a consumer credit agency will help elevate the importance of the association assessment to the same priority level of mortgages, auto loans, and credit card payments.

We now have API integrations with all the major management software providers, and engaging with our service is as simple as flipping a switch. Using the service is significantly less expensive than legal fees, guarantees assessment payment, protects property values, generates ancillary revenue, and is a completely automated system that runs with no effort from the association or management company. It has been widely successful for the elite companies that use it: Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Ford, and Mercedes Benz to name a few. You are receiving this document because we value your business and your feedback. Please call your Sperlonga Sales Director for more information about the benefits of reporting HOA assessments. You can also reach us at 844-652-4972.


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