The CAM Team partners with Sperlonga to offer assessment credit reporting to North Florida

The CAM Team is one of the leading HOA management companies in North Florida, offering exceptional service to HOAs, COAs and other associations.

The CAM Team managers live locally in the Jacksonville and Orange Park area and understand the unique needs of their communities.

Sperlonga is proud to partner with The CAM Team, a full-service management company serving North Florida. The CAM Team is comprised of licensed Community Association Managers and is dedicated to providing exceptional, tailored service to their communities.

With Sperlonga's credit reporting technology, The CAM Team can provide a mechanism for their HOAs and COAs to report both timely and delinquent payments of their homeowners to the credit bureaus. This has been shown to both increase credit scores for on time payers and provide an incentive for delinquent payers to get current on their accounts. For The CAM Team's reporting communities, we have already seen significant reductions in both total amounts past due as well as in the total number of delinquent accounts.

To find out more about how your communities can experience increased payment compliance and increased credit scores for members, contact Sperlonga today.