Sperlonga Welcomes Spring Creek Condominium Association to our Assessment Payment and Credit Reporting Program

Sperlonga Welcomes New Association Credit Reporting Community

Sperlonga is excited to provide Assessment Payment and Credit Reporting service to the homeowners of Spring Creek Condominium Association! This is made possible through our partnership with Community Property Management.

Spring Creek Condominium Association in Missouri, is currently being managed by Community Property Management, a leading community management provider in Greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois Metropolitan.

Through this initiative, homeowners of Creek Condominium Association can now raise their credit score by reporting their assessment on-time payment to the credit bureaus.

With this partnership, on-time paying homeowners will be rewarded with an increase in their credit score. This benefit will give the homeowners favorable terms where a high credit score is valued – loan or car application approval at better interest rates, or even acceptance to a new job! This also ensures that the community’s cash flow is predictable by motivating homeowners to pay assessments on time.

Sperlonga’s Assessment and Credit Reporting Program can reduce assessment payment delinquencies by as much as 30%.

We are excited for Spring Creek Condominium Association's homeowners to benefit from this partnership!