Sperlonga welcomes CAMCO of Philadelphia to Assessment Credit Reporting!

Founded in 1975, CAMCO is one of Americas's oldest community management firms.

CAMCO takes the headaches out of the day-to-day operations of running a homeowners association by offering the scale and resources of a national management firm.

CAMCO has a proven track record of managing hundreds of communities and guiding their respective boards to make sound operational and fiduciary decisions. With a commitment to high standards, CAMCO has grown into the region’s largest independent association management company, yet retains the feel of a local family business.

Sperlonga is excited to add our credit reporting technology to CAMCO's client offerings to help their associations increase cash flow, decrease delinquencies and reward on-time paying owners with positive points to their credit scores through credit reporting.

To learn more about offering this transformational service to your client associations, contact us today at or 844-652-4972.