Sperlonga is excited to add the Windy City’s Advocate Property Management to credit reporting!

Another progressive management company joins Sperlonga to give their Greater Chicago Suburb homeowners credit for their on-time payment history.

Advocate Property Management provides suburbs of the Greater Chicago area with association management, real estate and maintenance services.

Advocate Property Management is a leader in the association management industry with certified and licensed managers who pride themselves on attention to detail and excellent customer service. Their clients appreciate their timely feedback, compassionate service and impressive technology which helps them operate efficiently.

Sperlonga is excited to add our credit reporting technology to Advocate's client offerings to help their associations increase cash flow, decrease delinquencies and reward on-time paying owners with positive points to their credit scores through credit reporting.

To learn more about offering this transformational service to your client associations, contact us today at or 844-652-4972.