February 2022 Client Newsletter

Happy February from Sperlonga!

Hard to believe we are already well into 2022. We hope this newsletter finds you well and set up to achieve your goals for the new year. We are privileged to be your partner and know with our track record from last year (see Rental & HOA 2021 summary) we can continue to help keep your cash flow up and your past due accounts down.

Did you know? In 2021, only 0.37% of accounts reported were disputed and on average were resolved within 5.8 days. It can sometimes feel like a lot of residents are disputing their reports, but in reality, the overall dispute percentage is incredibly low. Our Consumer Relations department does an excellent job of investigating and resolving disputes in a timely manner.

We hope these numbers are encouraging as you continue reporting. Over 90% of all reported accounts are positive, helping residents strengthen their credit profile. You are doing a great service for your residents. If you are not already participating in one of our profit programs, please contact Sperlonga today to find out more about how to upgrade your service to a revenue producing model.

Best regards,

Dawn Irion
Director, Operations & Product Development
Sperlonga Data & Analytics Systems
1-818-200-0530 ext.1007