Congratulations to our Credit Reporting Partner PENCO Management Inc

One year of successful credit reporting and a 90% reduction in total past due balances!

PENCO provides property management, website and financial services to the association industry in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Since 1975, PENCO Management, Inc., Inc. has provided property, financial and administrative services to Community Associations, shopping and office centers and apartment complexes in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The people of PENCO Management have 30 years of experience and a specialized understanding of the complexities of residential and commercial property management. Their professionalism has earned PENCO many client referrals and a high percentage of long term relationships with satisfied customers.

We at Sperlonga are proud to be a small part of PENCO's success. Through assessment credit reporting, the vast majority of PENCO's property owners have received positive points to their credit score. With a 90% reduction in total past due balances,it's clear that the few owners who were behind on payments were eager to get current and also receive positive points on their credit reports.

To learn more about adding value to your client offerings by partnering with Sperlonga, contact us today at or 844-652-4972.