Leading consumer
credit reporting attorney
says HOA Assessment
Reporting is good for HOAs
and Management Companies.
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Reporting association assessment
payments to a Consumer Reporting Agency:
How The Property Owner Benefits

Timely payment could have a positive impact on credit reports

Positive reports can last on credit report up to 7 years

Transparent and equal treatment of assessment payments by associations

Proactive Management
of Assessment Payments
and Cash Flow

Rewards timely payments

Serves to equalize importance of assessment payment in relation to other financial obligations

Access to an industry-standard financial and payment management tool

Gain a competitive advantage:
How The Management Company Benefits

More technology and automation to help in managing your associations

Professionalize and streamline your service

Less time spent on delinquencies

Incentivized to pay on time.
DELINQUENCIES are the biggest
nuisance for some HOAs

Negative remarks can last on credit report for up to 7 years

High delinquencies can make it difficult for homeowners and associations to obtain financing

High rates of delinquencies could trigger assessment increases

Delinquencies can make it difficult for associations to obtain financing

The Sperlonga Solution

Sperlonga will help associations and management companies by reporting assessment payment history each month to a consumer reporting agency. Simply put, our service would create a record of the current or delinquent assessment payment each month, for each owner, and report the payment status to a consumer reporting agency. Assessment payment reporting can give associations a tool to reward timely payments with positive impacts to credit reports and reporting delinquent assessment payments can generate negative impacts to credit reports.

Sperlonga’s goal will be to empower associations and management companies with the same credit reporting tool that banks and lenders already use to manage debt and credit related payments. Utilization of such a tool could encourage property owners to view their association assessment payment as being on par with their mortgage, auto or credit card payment.

  • Let technology and innovation do the work

    The automated Sperlonga solution

    Collect payment data directly from accounting system


    Facilitate the management of inquiries and disputes on behalf of Management Company


    Re-format Association payment data


    Submit Association payment history to a consumer reporting agency

About Sperlonga

The Sperlonga History and Mission

Sperlonga was founded in April of 2011. At the time, our country was in the midst of the greatest mortgage crisis in history. Banks, lenders, institutional investors, and government agencies were desperately seeking reliable, easily retrievable, and standardized data on existing HOA accounts for foreclosed properties in homeowner and condominium associations.

Sperlonga stepped in to meet the market need and serve as a bridge between the mortgage industry stakeholders and the association industry to help manage and reduce delinquent association account risk for both industries. Sperlonga created a first to market solution and as of August 2015, has connected Banks with associations and facilitated over $30 million of assessment payments from banks and mortgage investors to associations throughout the country.

The next evolution of Sperlonga is to build an assessment payment reporting service for the association industry. The service will focus on elevating the importance of the association assessment payment in relation to the other debt obligations of property owners. We’ll accomplish this by helping associations and management companies use our proprietary data application to report association payments to a consumer reporting agency. Property owners that pay on time would be rewarded with a positive impact to their credit report and those who do not pay on time would have a negative impact. The positive and negative remarks on a credit report could last for up to seven years.

Sperlonga Data & Analytics is an affiliate company of Chronos Solutions. Chronos is a market innovator that delivers a broad range of real estate service solutions to the mortgage industry and mortgage related government agencies.

For more information go to ChronosSolutions.com

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